When I was dropped off, it seemed just like a big old office area, with tan walls for about 500 feet in either direction. When one of my contacts came down to let me in, I felt a bit less nervous, and it only got better after that. We walked through a reception area that was being renovated, into a open space office area with computers everywhere. Most stations had 2 monitors, but some had 3 or 4. It was a cool introduction into the tech-savvy world of networking. All the people I met and introduced myself too were nice, and all looked very interested in their work and the computers in front of them. When we got to the area I would be working in, Mike took me around the entire building on a little tour. They had a break room with a pool table and arcade machines, and a lot of empty space. Then we checked out the 6 server rooms they have, which all have raised flooring and giant AC and Power generators. When we got back, we set up a workstation for me, and I started to browse their website, looking for things I wanted to know, or things that didn't look quite right. With that list, some of the web designers fixed a couple of tiny bugs and changed some of the colors of the page. I was kind of worried that I wasn't doing enough to help, or that I didn't have enough knowledge about networks to really help out. Then again, I'm pretty tech-savvy and I'll probably be able to contribute at least something to the company.

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