It's been pretty hectic. When I first looked at what I wanted to do for my internship, I thought that programming was going to be my expertise. However, when I arrived at the company, and I talked to all of the resident programmers, I knew I was out of my depth. I guess I expected it a bit, that I wouldn't really be able to contribute to the programming side of things. After hanging out with my mentor for a day though, I had a good idea of what I could do to help. My mentor is the Vice-president of Sales, in a department of two, so he knows a pretty good deal about sales and marketing. I took one look at all the problems they were having, and I suggested that I could make advertisements. Mike was pretty happy with that idea, and my first draft or two looked pretty good. I don't know if they were as good as some of the ones the web-designer made, but I liked them, and so did my mentor, Mike. I started in on making the banners and other ads, and Mike gave me an account to an video tutorial website. I completed the Google Adwords training and browsed some of the cool Photoshop and Logo Design tutorials. I was pretty happy with the progress so far, and I think the skills I have learned can already be applied to other aspects of my life.

05/30/2013 12:04pm

Alex fits in great here, he's one of the guys. He is enthusiastic and willing to try (or do)anything. Smart guy, we love having him here.

05/30/2013 11:29pm

This seems like a cool internship!! And your luck to have Mike as an mentor!

Thomas Boudreau
05/31/2013 10:49pm

Sounds interesting so far Alex. Keep up the good work!

Diane Downey
06/02/2013 7:26pm

Alex, I'm really proud of how well you have taken to this internship. You are learning such a lot, and this experience will be invaluable to you.


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